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I recently wrote about kwikwai – device which is used to send control command over LAN, USB or RS232 to the AV equipment connected to it via HDMI. Actually it should replace old school IR transmitters to integrate AV equipment into whole house control system. Rain Shadow offers similar device but it works opposite way, i.e. it sens commands from AV equipment to the HTPC using HDMI-CEC technology. Currently the HDMI-CEC to USB and RS-232 bridge is supported by both Windows and Linux without custom device drivers.
File cabinets have become a necessity nowadays for storage purposes. It keeps the workplace cleaner and more organized and also saves a lot of space. Choosing file cabinets is also very easy. There are several kinds of file cabinets available in the market but you must know what you need it for, the kinds of files you would store, their size etc. and then go on with choosing the suitable file cabinet.
Plan systematically and you can be assured of a very handy and useful space saving cabinet in your office or home, wherever you need it. Decide on where you would like to place your cabinet and note down the dimensions. That would help you decide on the total size of the cabinet. Next try to note down what are the files you would be storing, what are its size and also the number of files you would probably need to store.
Most people face this dilemma when they’ve just purchased a home or when they want to renovate or redecorate their home – they’re unsure of whether they should hire an interior decorator or do the job themselves. The answer to the above question depends on a host of factors, the most important of which are money, time and skill. In general, it pays to hire an interior designer if:You can afford it – designers don’t come cheap, and the changes they recommend could also be costly and the contractors they use could end up draining your bank balance, so even if you do have money, fix a budget if you don’t want your designer to assume carte blanche and go the whole hog in redecorating your home.You want a professional look – your home is bound to look more appealing and stylish when trusted to the hands of a professional designer.

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